1. #Dover #mills #storage #architecture

    #Dover #mills #storage #architecture

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Sin Título Mario de Ayguavives


    Sin Título Mario de Ayguavives

  3. Exploring the #Dover #mills #architecture

    Exploring the #Dover #mills #architecture

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    The Mill House Wingårdh Architects

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Travertine Dream House | Source


    Travertine Dream House | Source

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    Lost Soul Peter Foesters

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    Photographers have been exposing negatives to corrosive chemicals for ages, but as far we know, Seung-Hwan Oh is the first to use live bacteria in his experiments.

    Using homegrown cultures that feed on the light-sensitive chemicals you use to develop film, Seung-Hwan Oh ends up with these distorted photos that are strangely beautiful.

    Live Bacteria Cultures Used to Corrode Film Negatives

    via Beautiful Decay

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    Living in a shipping container

    Okay, it’s not so easy to control the moisture balance well when it rains, it makes a terrible noise when it is raining and when it is hot it is really bloody hot.

    But, for a few thousand dollars you have a shipping container. And for another few thousand dollars you can live in it. If you want to do something more with the shipping container and have some more money you can make it a true palace.

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    Photo source: imgur.com/a/ApX9K

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    The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die | Space Exploration To Solve Earthly Crises

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Fashion PhotographWarsaw & Co., Inc., 1940s-1950s

ca. 1950gelatin silver print with applied (Flexichrome) color


    Fashion Photograph
    Warsaw & Co., Inc., 1940s-1950s
    ca. 1950
    gelatin silver print with applied (Flexichrome) color

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    ZEB (Zero Emission Building) Pilot House in Larvik, Norway by Snohetta.

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    La Factory - Offices in Boulogne Mateo Arquitectura

    When addressing this project for an office building, we started off by thinking about the entire city block as a series of buildings with spaces between them to introduce light and air into the empty space. In this way we began to see the building as a mass that formed Rue Emile Zola, like a complex volume. We had some prior experience with this type of building in terms of dimensions, depth, and so on, that went almost automatically into the drawings and models. I always start this way, with a very abstract volume as a base.”

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    Newburgh, NY. Sept. 2014.

    Work in progress/sketches from the series RIP