1. subtilitas:

    Antonio Monestiroli - Cemetery, Voghera 1995. Photos (C) Marco Introni

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- Radio Stilte


    - Radio Stilte

  3. enochliew:

    Rocas House by Studio MK27 & Renata Furlanetto

    The uneven terrain has been preserved, allowing for unobstructed ocean views from all main rooms. 

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    while we’re shooting with lytro's Bob Saget and Snoop were telling each other dirty knock knock jokes.

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    oh my word

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  6. subtilitas:

    Ken Architekten - Terrace housing, Brugg 2013. Photos (C) Hannes Henz.

  7. archatlas:

    Machi House UID Architects

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    Shanghai studio Neri&Hu has completed its largest project to date – a total overhaul of a hotel in China, which features an entrance surrounded by a forest of bronze columns »

  9. prettyarchitecture:

    Education Executive Agency & Tax Offices

    The design for the Education Executive Agency and Tax Office building, accommodating 2,500 employees, reflects and caters for the separate identities of both user groups, whilst simultaneously creating synergy by means of shared use of secondary spaces – among which underground parking facilities, public gardens, a central hall and a pavilion for commercial functions.

    The aerodynamic form of the building has been achieved as the result of extensive sun and wind studies. The terraces, rounded corners and façade design guarantee minimum disruption to the microclimate of the surrounding urban green space, known as the ‘Sterrenbos’, whilst integrating sun shading, wind regulation, daylight penetration and construction in one concept, with the result that both material and energy use are minimised.

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    Source: architravel.com

  10. archatlas:

    Capilla Santa María de los Caballeros MGP Arquitectura y Urbanismo

  11. jasondinolaphoto:

    The Wellin Museum of Art

    Clinton, NY

    Machado and Silvetti Associates

  12. subtilitas:

    Brückner & Brückner - Pope Benedict XVI Pilgrimage museum, Altötting 2009. Via, photos (C) Constantin Meyer

  13. subtilitas:

    Juan Navarro Baldeweg - Altamira museum, Santillana del Mar 2000 (prev). Photos (C) Roland Halbe.

  14. nonconcept:

    Valley House Concept by K. Kuvika. (Rendering: Anna Marinenko and Modeling: Aleksandr Koval)